Frequently asked questions

What are Credits and how do they work?
Can I cancel my subscription?
What payment methods do you accept?
Do you have a version that I can install on my computer and run locally?
I have a huge video archive that is inefficient to upload. What are my options?
  1. We buy a large enough hard disk, encrypt it and password protect it so the files on it are secured.
  2. We mail you the hard disk. After you receive it, we also send you the password so you can use the hard disk.
  3. You copy video materials on the disk, and mail it back to us.
  4. We process the videos from the disk.
  5. We copy enhanced videos to the hard disk and mail it back to you.
  6. You now have an enhanced video archive, and a new hard disk :)

How much quality improvement can I expect?
I have a specific quality problem that isn't listed on the website. Can Aimages fix it?
Do you claim any copyrights on the uploaded or enhanced videos and images?
How does your tool compare to Topaz Labs?
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